A Day to Celebrate

 So many people reach our age and think “Ehhh, it’s just another day!”  Just another day? I whole heartedly disagree. Every one of us were created to be unique. Have you ever just thought about that? There is not one person out there that is YOU. There may be another out there that has similar tendencies, similar characteristics but only ONE single person that has your heart, your thoughts, your example, your gift, your life.  Why the heck wouldn’t we think that is important enough to celebrate YOU, celebrate making it through another year? What events happened in your life this last year? How many things are you thankful for? How many challenges did you overcome or maybe wish you had done differently? Did you suffer loss that makes you thankful each morning you open your eyes to see a new day? A new day to live another chance at life. Maybe this last year is about triumph, maybe you had an abundance of success this last year?  Is this not worthy of celebrating?

I believe it should be a day to celebrate not only all of the things that make YOU who you are but celebrate all that you have accomplished or survived. It can also be a day to look forward to and think about the things you are wanting to work on or towards about you on the start of a brand-new year starring, YOU! It’s kind of like when we celebrate New Year’s, we tend to look back at the year we just ended and make goals for the new year ahead of us. Why can’t we look at birthdays the same, a new year to focus on YOU?

Personally, celebrating someone I love on the day they came into this world is very special day and a celebration is required. It brings me to being thankful of the person brought into this crazy world. What would my life be like if this person hadn’t been born? What would I be missing out on? What would the world be missing out on? What does the world lose when that person leaves this earth? We do not live forever despite our beliefs that we are invincible. Each day you are here on earth is a special day, an opportunity.  When each of us leave this world all that is left are the memories of YOU, we always wish we had more time. Shouldn’t we celebrate the time we have?

I believe this is a day to celebrate YOU. I believe it is of upmost importance. Do you even realize the value you add to other people lives, just by being YOU? Do you know the impact you have on everyone around you EACH day? Even if it is just one person you impact once in an entire week or month it is important. You and the person that you are, may change someone’s life completely. Doesn’t that deserve to be celebrated? Often, we get so wrapped up in our busy, demanding everyday lives that we dismiss the value that we bring to life, to our communities, to our loved ones, to your work environment. to the world. If we were all the same or there was nothing unique about us to make one, YOU, then what would the world be like? That my friends is a reason to celebrate. The day God designated for YOU, is a day to be celebrated.  How will you celebrate your YOU day?

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