Sometimes in life we face struggles. We struggle with decisions we make for our lives. Decision related to our careers, our families, our marriages.

Sometimes our plans are blown out of the water and God lands us on what seems like another planet.
Sometimes it leaves us feeling overwhelmed in the midsts of the end big picture being something life changing if not for you for others.

God has a plan for each and every one of us. It’s his plans and his timing. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend what it is he sees for us. Sometimes we don’t understand at all. Still we must walk by our faith not by sight. That can be the scariest thing.

Sometimes the decisions we make changes things. It changes plans, it makes us travel down paths that we don’t feel is for us because it cause sacrifices we don’t necessarily want to make. But what if……

What if that sacrifice or change you make changes the world? What if a decision you make, impacts multiple peoples lives for the better? What if that has a ripple effect and that change grows? Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to that idea.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always believed God had a special plan for me. It’s funny to me because what he put in front of me is the very thing I said early in my experience in healthcare was what I WOULD NOT do. He has brought me that very thing and set it in my lap. Now looking back it makes sense how some career things happened. Sometimes it’s a dream of something that keeps you going.

It’s amazing to me sometimes how things reveal themselves to you. How the lessons placed on you prepare you.

It’s a blessing that once you grow and overcome, when you truly believe and put your faith, your concerns and worries at his feet…

He does BIG things in your life.

Those he puts in your life to cheer you on, encourage you, push you, support you, mentor you, what an incredible blessing. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected person that is that rock for you!

Sometimes we won’t understand many things or events or lessons we face in life. We won’t understand why we have to make the choices we do or why God has that plan for us. We aren’t suppose to.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded we are his and it is all in his hands.

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