I am so glad you are here! Let me introduce myself. My name is Shanna. I am a member of the fabulous and forties club. I am a mom of 3 biological children and have gained 4 more wonderful children by marriage. I am a GI GI, which is my favorite title. I am a nurse by occupation, focus on being present and enjoying our wise older generation, those that seem to get lost in time.

I have had a long journey as I have traveled through this thing called life. It has been laid upon my heart for a great many years now to share my story as I continue on this journey. I chose to start this blog in hopes to reach other human beings who may feel lost, or do not feel like they are on the path they are meant to live but don’t have a clue where to start to create change. At times we may struggle with hope, self confidence, knowing our worth, maybe just finding it difficult to smile at the end of our incredibly jam packed day. I believe the simple realization of knowing we are not alone, knowing its okay to make mistakes, more importantly to know not knowing the answer is perfectly acceptable but making the CHOICE to create change is the most important first step!

What do I hope to accomplish by writing this blog? I believe we are all in this crazy thing called life together. It is up to each and every one of us to encourage, support and lift each other up to live our best life and to become the best versions of ourselves possible. If just one person can see that anything is possible, that it is all in how you look at things, that we have to choose to be happy, then my mission is successful.

I do not Pretend to be an expert on life. I do not believe I have all the answers. I do believe if we choose to live each day better than the last and promise ourselves to be better tomorrow, then and only then, will we find the true riches in life. Be blessed! Thank you for coming, I hope you continue to return and find things that help you smile and give you hope in all your journey’s.

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  1. Your doin the damn thang!! I’m trying to achieve setting my blog up. But I keep hitting hiccups. Making me frustrated. Love your passion in the way you expressed your situation and your thoughts and feelings. Absolutely beautifully written.

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