The Stillness

What is your stillness?

Have you ever listened to that voice in your head that says, ” I just need a moment, just a moment to be still, in the quiet.” A moment to drownd out the rest of the world, the noise of chatter in the house, the noise of televisions, phones, voices from nearby outside, the buzzing of traffic. Even from the noise of your alarm clock, the obligations of your daily life, work, children, meetings, appointments…..JUST a moment of silence, the sound of nothing but the conciousness of your breathing in and out, only the thoughts present in your mind.

Looking around you pausing to take in the moment, Surrounded by the beautiful landscape. The colorful leaves on the trees becoming dormant for the winter. The cool crisp air, the fog as it disapates and the sun begins to creep through the trees. The crackle of the brush at the base of the tree trunks, as the squirrels scurry across the ground in search of food to store for the winter. The incredible grace and elegance of the deer, ever so quiet and watchful when spotted off the beaten path. Not a person in sight. Just you and the stillness, the quiet, the rich colors and sounds of nature. No pavement, no traffic lights , tall buildings, machinery, just trees the dirt road beneath you and God’s creatures, the incredible back drop of blue sky and puffy white clouds. Stillness

A few moments in time to breath it all in, to unwind, to let the weight and stresses of the man made world slowly lift off of you, feeling as if you are becoming lighter with each passing minute. Stillness allowing you to escape the push and pull of everyone around you, just breathing it all in. Letting it fill you with peace and joy, freeing you of expectations. Stillness, with the only time limit being the length of time you choose to get lost in it.

The incredible reality sets in that you can revisit it again and again, the ability at any given time to take a moment and plunge yourself into the silence and beauty, to quiet the noise and escape into simplicity, finding a satisfying peace and gratification found by just being present, willing and quiet. Never take for granted the incredible serenity that can be found when you find your stillness.

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