The Dreaded New Years Resolution game..

The end of the year is approaching fast, I look back wondering “where did the time go?” As the time has been closing in, the time to commit myself to the new year and what my new year resolutions will be… I began to feel inadequate, weak, and in some aspects a failure.

Every year I look at myself and the year I had, I make promises to myself to be better for the next year. I eagerly make out my list of things to conquer. January comes and I start out well but quickly fizzle and surrender to the pressures and expectations life faces me with daily. It isn’t that I don’t want to accomplish my resolutions, I make them with a genuine heart. There is just something that is always more important. I’ve never been good at putting myself as a priority.

I find in speaking to others, there are many of us who do this… We make these New years resolutions to improve, complete or reach goals we have set for ourselves and for one reason or another never get to check them all off the list. I haven’t figured out why but for some reason this is always the time I set the most outlandish challenges for myself. This year I see things differently.

This year, this year is very different. I have taken some time to think about making resolutions and making them work for me. I refuse to set resolutions I know two months from now, I will give up on or place my other priorities ahead of. In order to do this I had to look at myself, I had to look at myself closely in the areas I want to still make progress in.

For the last several years one of my top resolutions was that I was going to lose weight. Ive thought about it a lot. I like WHO I am, I just don’t care for my outward appearance. I find myself worried about what others think about my appearance. Sometimes it is challenging for me. I am ultimately aware it is up to me to change this but I have to truly dig and find the reason, the root of the issue of my weight and lack of dedication and effort in sticking to that goal. I have over come so many things throughout my life. I will overcome being overweight as well in the right time.

I am chosing to focus on BEING the person I desire to be on the inside before focusing on the outside. I am okay with this. I find this neccessary to be successful and not back slide after losing. New Year, new priorities. This year I am choosing smaller challenges.

I choose to find something valuable in each day and write it down, taking time to acknowledge it and appreciate it.

I choosing to read my bible more often. I may not get to read it every day but I will dedicate more time to making that a priority. I want to learn as much as possible this year.

I will be making more efforts to be encouraging and giving to those in need, no matter their situation.

I will focus more on things I need personally to continue my growth and to gain insight and self satifaction.

I will make writing my blog a priority consistently.

Most importantly – I vow to be an example for other women, all women, young and old, big or thin. I vow to be an example of what it looks like to love yourself for WHO you are before liking what is on the outside. To show making efforts to be healthy is important but size does not define the woman you are. I vow to show other women that the right man will love you for WHO you are and will love ALL of you no matter if your a size 6 or size 18. It truly is about YOU as a person.

These are the tasks I placed on my dreaded New Years Resolution list and this year I am actually looking forward to completing and acheiving each of them. What are your resolutions this year? My advice is, don’t choose anything you dread adding to your list. Look at your goals for the year in small steps and in a positive perspective regardless of what the challenge may be. Good luck to you all as the next few weeks fly by and the new year presents itself. God Bless!

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