The Little Things

To some this will sound silly, to others, well you’ll instantly relate.

Today I received the best present I could have ever received from my sweet husband. No special occasion, just a regular day.

Recently we celebrated our wedding anniversary. We went to dinner and after, saw Cats on tour. It was a wonderful night. Truth is any night, anywhere, is wonderful that we spend together. We exchanged cards and gifts as it was Valentine’s day as well as our anniversary.

I choose my gifts very carefully and with a great deal of thought. They are always of something that speaks to us as a couple or of the love I carry in my heart for this wonderful man, God sent to me.

My husband always says his gifts to me have to speak to him. Truth is, he could give me a fifty cent card from the dollar store and I would cherish it. I don’t find value in the price of a gift. For me, the value is in the thought that went into the gift or its representation.

My husband over the years has given me many beautiful gifts, some being more costly than others, some quite simple, there was even a handwritten love letter in there which is one of my favorite gifts, BUT……

My MOST favorite gift ever, besides the love he shows me each and every day, is the gift he gave me today, an ordinary Friday, after the normal “special” day one would expect to get a gift, has come and gone.

He opened the envelope that came in the mail and hands it to me. “This is for you” he says. I take the little key chain in my hand and read the inscription. It said,” I love you most, the end, I win. ♥” My heart instantly went pitter patter, all warm and fuzzy.

Why is this my MOST favorite gift…

We both have gone through life, experiencing loss, hardships, thinking we knew what love was, only to find out, that’s what we get for thinking. For now later in life is when we are finally understanding what real love, unconditional love, truly is. There is always something positive to be taken away from every experience in life, good or bad. Mistakes are inevitable, as are bad decisions as well as taking things for granted. We learn and grow from every experience. We have made it a point, not to make the same mistakes, not to take a single moment for granted and to consciously appreciate one another and what made us fall in love in the first place, each day. We never leave the house or go to sleep without saying ” I love you” usually, its followed by childlike banter like ” I love you more” and He will reply with ” I love you better.”

I absolutely believe I love him more. I just can’t imagine that it could be possible to love someone any more than I love this man. I also absolutely love the thought that he believes he loves me more. One of us wins our childish competition of love at one time or another. This is what leads me to why this simple little key chain is my MOST favorite gift.

His gifts always as he says, “speak” to him. Well this gift says it all in my eyes, ‘I love you most, the end. I win.” An inexpensive gift yet has profound value in its message. It’s message, brings an uncontrollable smile to my face every time I look at it. Each and every time I look at it from today until many years from now, it will still bring a smile to my face.

More often than not, just my opinion, that if truth be known, a woman’s favorite gift is some silly little trinket that most would dismiss, but to her, has a profound message or meaning that no amount of money could ever represent its value. It is heartfelt and contains a valuable message in its own special way. IT IS the little things, that are the grandest gestures.

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