Dear husband,

Its times like this in the stillness and quiet of the night, I become so intune with my thoughts and emotions. It’s during these times when my “big picture ” comes in crystal clear.

The days, weeks and months are flying by with no real pause to take it all in. Soon we will be celebrating 3 years as husband and wife.

It says in the good book that husbands and wives become one. I believe as you strengthen and grow together you do indeed grow together into one, into an indestructible, unfailing force to be reckoned with, a strong and loving bond forms, with interchangeable strengths and weaknesses speaking to the courage and strength instilled inside one another. It is with these we face the world.

It’s been close to four years ago I made the choice to jump “all in” and never look back. Truth be told I was “ALL IN ” years before that. You provided a friendship more significant than I was even aware of or able to comprehend. We were a constant presence in each other’s lives, never judging, never forceful, always supportive to the other finding happiness even in absence of the love of our own desired outcome. We knew with out question no matter what, no matter how long since the last time we spoke we were only a phone call away.

Its amazing to me how our friendship has come full circle and here we are husband and wife, teammates, life partners. We are bonded together. The more we grow together as a couple, the stronger our bond and our relationship grows. WE have become far more than I ever imagined, more than I can even find words for.

We both came from heartbreak, pasts full of lessons, we have both overcome and succeeded. Although we both have our own personal successes, I find our success as a couple our greatest triumph of all. It takes courage, remaining humbled, honesty with ourselves to love unconditionally and return that same kind of love. You truly grow into a successful person when you can love so deeply, accepting someone at the best but more importantly at their worst while still looking at them with love and acceptance. It’s being willing to put yourself ALL out there to them in your most vulnerable state. That’s the purest kind of love. To be willing to put their needs and wants ahead of your own. To be be willing to learn about the other person everyday for the rest of their life. To make the choice everyday to be present and love them better still each day God blesses you with. It’s going through all of these things and still maintaining that sparkle in your eyes, to laugh, have fun despite the hard days. To take the chance of being let down because your faith in each other is that strong, to respect one another no matter what, that is real love.

Love is not all rainbows and unicorns. Love includes the hard stuff. The hard stuff that becomes manageable because you are together. You believe in one another. Its making your relationship a priority, your biggest most important priority. Its feeling like something is missing when your apart. Its companionship. Its beautiful.

Dear husband…we may have found “US” later than we would have liked but this love, this life, OUR life, is worth all that we’ve overcome throughout our lives thus far. I’d go through it all over again if it led me back to you.

If I could give one thing to all others, it would be for them to come to know love the way I have come to know love with you.

Yours, Always & Forever

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