Unexpected Treasures

John15:12 This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.

John 15: 17 This is my command: Love each other.

Dedicated to: Ms. Ruth Nix

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball…. we are sent in a completely opposite direction than we started out. If we are patient and have faith, God sends us blessings in all aspects of our life.

Come July it will be four years ago that we came to Mississippi. When I made the choice to come here, I was terrified. I was leaving all I had established for myself, my job, my friends. I knew ONE single person here.

Isn’t it funny how God always knows the need and in the timing of his choosing he sends us whatever the need he sees fit. He knew I was in need of an angel, a special person to help me and be an important part of my life. A person I could look up to, someone wise to help me on the journey I was about to embark on. He knew just the person to fulfill that role and he crossed our paths.

When I first came to Mississippi Scott and Sydnee and I spent a lot of time at the Braves Stadium. We attended games, booster club meetings, and other events. I knew very little other than the basics of baseball but I loved coming to the games. Scott did the gentlemanly thing and introduced me to all of the people around him. It was easy to see he was valued within this group of people and that he valued them as well. I looked forward to attending the games and we always had fun with all those around us.

Sometimes when we meet people there is an instant connection, as if someone sprinkled magical fairy dust over top of you or a magical genie granted a wish and “Poof” A lifelong friendship blooms. I t wasn’t long before I formed a small bond with the two older ladies in the bunch. I looked forward to seeing them each time we attended the games. I had come to think very highly of Ms. Judy and Ms. Ruth and rather quickly. This didn’t come as a surprise to me. They have a sense of humor and quick wit.They love to have fun and interact with all around them. I have always had a special place in my heart for our older people. I worked at the senior center during the last hours of my day at school. I would find myself fascinated by their stories and had great respect and admiration for their journeys in life that lead them to where they were now. Scott had grown particularly close to Ms. Ruth . He sat with her and her husband Mr. Larry often and for a few seasons before I moved here to Mississippi. After Mr. Larry passed away Scott knew he needed to watch over Ms. Ruth and that Mr. Larry would expect him to do.

It wasn’t long before Ms. Ruth and I formed a friendship. We went to lunches and talked for hours, truly it only felt like minutes. Time was of no importance when we spent time visiting. One might ask themselves what we could possibly have to talk about since we are so far apart in age. She’d tell me stories of her love for baseball. I learned a great deal fast. I do believe she knows more about baseball than many menfolk do. She shared with me stories of her life. The love she and Mr. Larry shared was special. I admired how she lit up when she spoke of him and their life. It reminded me of how I felt about Scott. I listened with great joy and hope that Scott and I would have something as special as the two of them shared together as our life continued. I remember hoping that my eyes smiled and sparkled just as bright when I speak of Scott many years from now as hers do when she tells me stories of her and Larry.

My most treasured gift from her is her genuine heart, she has a great sense of humor that sometimes leaves you giggling long after you go home. She is stubborn as an ox, I reckon rightfully so given all she has survived. Maybe that is why God crossed our paths, knowing we are both survivors of many challenges. She carries wisdom I could only hope for in today’s world. I sense some familiarity and comfort when we spend time together.

There is an old saying and darn it if I can’t think of it at the moment but it makes reference to how you can know someone for what seems like a lifetime and they really don’t know you at all yet you can know someone for what seems like a minute and they completely “get you”. Well I find that quite fitting in this situation. I have known Ms. Ruth for a little shy of four years but feel like I’ve known her forever.

I can quite honestly without hesitation say, Ms. Ruth was my first friend here in Mississippi. Already she has been there for some very significant events in our life. We were blessed for her to participate in our wedding, standing in proudly as Scott’s mom wasn’t able to be here with us. I’m sure Ms. Janet is smiling down from heaven and they will have lots to talk about when the time comes.

Quickly, for me Ms. Ruth surpassed the title of friend and graduated with honors to family. Trust me when I say… and my mom can assure you, I do not accept people as family easily or lightly. It’s times like when she stayed with me the entire day for four days while Scott was in the hospital, then leaving late afternoon to get Sydnee of the bus and dinner etc. so I could remain at my husbands side. She prayed diligently for us all, she helped to calm my fears. This is one of the things that makes her most special to me, she takes care of others. She feeds the players, she bakes for the local fire departments, she is very active with her church and Sunday school class. She is truly a blessing to all who are lucky enough to cross her path. She is selfless and humble, one of the very best, most deserving people I know. I am better for knowing her I know that. She never ever expects anything in return for her kindness and pours out an abundance of love if you allow her to. I hold her dear to my heart.

I hope she feels just as loved and as important as she makes us feel. She is definitely my most valuable unexpected treasure!

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  1. I think highly of this wonderful person. Ms. Ruth is a true blessing to all that know her. It truly only takes a moment to feel like you’ve known her a lifetime. I love having her as family for family isn’t always blood but more like heaven sent. She is loved by us all. I don’t think she had any idea she was gaining a bunch of us when you and scott got together. She is much loved.

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