Hate in Our Hearts

undefined Have you ever evaluated what’s in your own heart? Are we showing love and acceptance, kindness and compassion to our fellow human beings?

As I go about my days lately I have made a point to note my interactions and reactions to those I come in contact with. It could be in traffic, at the grocery store, on the phone, at my job, even just a passerby on the way to my car. Every encounter we experience while going through our normal daily routines are not the same, many times it is shaped by our mood that day, how our day started. It could be how the other person we come in contact with is presenting…. Are they tense, in a hurry, are they stressed, angry, happy or joyful? It is not uncommon to react to someone based on what emotions or stresses we are experiencing at that time.

I start my day out with a cup of coffee and conversation with my husband before we go our separate ways for the day. Sometimes we flip on the news, other times we may quickly scan our social media accounts. I understand how important social media has become in today’s times. I can recognize the positives and the potentials for good that rest in it’s existence. I know many of us depend on the daily news to stay informed on politics, crime or events going on in our communities and our world.

In recent years I have noticed a change in people in general. I notice that not only has our crime rates and the types of crimes increased and become more dark and intense but peoples general reaction to everyday issues have become more negative and presented with a hateful approach.

Throughout my journey of change I have noted people are not as understanding or forgiving as they were in past years. People kept their private lives more private. They didn’t find it appropriate to share details of challenges in their marriage, home or conflicts within their family. In today’s times people are looking for others to support their emotions and opinions as if it makes them feel more justified. I notice people are quick to ridicule and attack someones moral character without knowing but a few details in any at all. People attack others points of views, beliefs, and they are quick to judge ones mistakes and quite ready to condemn them without explanation or without even considering the opportunity to offer guidance or to allow them to realize the error in their choices and to learn even grow from their mistakes.

Use to be you could have a disagreement, a difference of opinion and it would be just that… A difference of opinion and you went on with your day. You were raised to respect others on a general level that everyone was entitled to just as a fellow human. Today people attack others verbally, mentally and some take it to the extreme and carry out physical harm to others. People’s hearts seem to be turning cold.

As I watch the headlines, most recently about the judge hugging the ex- police officer and offering her a bible. People were cruel and unforgiving. They condemned the judge for showing empathy to this woman. It did not change her punishment, it didn’t change what happened, but it did show a little compassion for another human being. Why do people see this as so wrong? Wasn’t it a simple act of kindness in a terrible horrific tragedy for all involved?

I read an article on the abortion topic in the judicial system. I read the comments under the articles. People were calling some murderers, others talking about the woman’s right, others about when the fetus is actually viable or able to be considered a baby. The comments were cruel and cold and accusatory regardless of what side they were coming from. It was rather violent and sad. We are more offended about how we treat our pets than we are about how we treat other human beings….. Aren’t they equally important?

There was another article I read about an elderly client who fell in an assisted living center. The son of the elderly man posted a picture of his father on social media with a black eye and swelling, bloody, saying he didn’t believe the staff at the facility and was certain someone had beaten his father. There is so much sadness in that article because no matter what the true facts of the situation are, all outcomes lead to a sad situation. If the man was truly beaten how sad that we live in a world that caregivers could treat someone with that much disregard and disrespect and be so uncaring. On the other hand if the man truly fell and it wasn’t realized by the son how badly one can look after a bad fall then how sad it is for those who truly care for elderly and others in need that there is now a stigma placed on facilities in this industry. Understand I am not saying either side is correct because I do not know that, nor am I willing to make assumptions that could be a detriment to both sides in this matter.

Every day there are events or viral post being discussed and/or put in the spot light. Our children are facing scrutiny, and hate. They are being labeled as outcasts or less important than other social groups, they are being bullied not only by other peers but adults as well, they are being judged by social groups, financial abilities of their families, sexual orientation and/ or preferences. Adults are being bullied as well Anti- religion groups, Anti- Abortion, Pro Choice, simply people of other cultures, politics. It is never ending.

The way we choose to respond to anything “different” or something simply not understood is less than kind, we are not respectful or showing little if any human compassion. We lash out, attack, make examples of and usually not in a positive way.

There is still hope. I for one still have hope simply from the human kindness and compassion shown in times of tragedy, devastating storms, people suffering from illness etc. This reaction from our human race shows potential that one day, we as humans will use all our capabilities and success our advances in technology and knowledge in general to come together and unite, that we will learn that it is okay to be unique and believe differently as we are each our own person and no one is the same as us,as an individual . It gives hope that we will remind ourselves that there are NO perfect people in this world. We are all here on earth together and we are responsible for choosing how we are going to live together. I have hope and faith that the hate and coldness that have grown in our hearts begin to melt away and we choose to restore them with love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. That we learn to respect differences in opinions. No where is it expected we all agree or condone behaviors or beliefs of others but it isn’t our place to judge them either.

Have you really looked inside your heart? Is there more coldness and hate or love and compassion. Love does not demand. It endures all things…. Oh how we have forgotten.

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